Identified perpetrators bloating

Some products cause bloating. Doctors are advised not to eat sugar, because it is food for fungi and bacteria. In the case when their habitat becomes acidic, the process of reproduction of fungi and bacteria is accelerated. Sugar damages the intestinal mucosa, and in this case, because the bacteria begins inflammation. They penetrate the intestinal wall, causing bloating.

The effect produced by the bread, similar to the aforementioned effect of sugar. Because it consists of yeast and sugar. The effect produced by the sugar described above, and the yeast is essentially the same fungi. A healthier alternative is bread without gluten (gluten) content of seeds or nuts. Chemical ingredients of bread can also provoke allergic reactions, the consequence of which is swollen.

Beer contains a lot of yeast. Barley, from which beer is brewed, is a potential allergen, writes Body and Soul. The fermentation process also affects the thinning of the mucous membrane and causes flatulence.

We all know that antibiotics are also a special form of fungi. Intestinal microflora is able to withstand a maximum of two courses of antibiotic treatment. If the treatment lasts longer, in this case interferes with the normal function of the immune system, and likely development of candidiasis.

The list of foods that cause bloating, you can add the soda, which consists of sugar and carbon dioxide. Both components soda, getting in the gastrointestinal tract, increase acid balance, form gases and cause the growth of fungus.

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