Ice will help to defeat cancer

The search for healing from cancer occupies the minds of scientists for decades. Then, in the course of recent research conducted by the company IceCure Medical, was installed an interesting fact. It turns out that the cancer in the female breast can be cured with the help of freezing. For successful operation, the required temperature is about 170 degrees. Frozen thus the tumor loses its cancer properties and become harmless to the body.

The operation of the freeze does not require anesthesia, it is painless and takes about 15 minutes time. It does not leave any traces, as is the case with classical way operations, and significantly reduced the period of rehabilitation. At the same time, the surgeon carrying out the procedure has maximum control over the amount of square frost, which is created by technique of cryoablation.

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Unfortunately, these treatment techniques may be subjected not every tumor, but only with the size of the ball used for the game of Golf. While this technique of treatment can be used for cancer treatment not only breast, but also the liver, kidney or prostate. The technology already approved by the US medical, and on - line analysis method EU experts.

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