Ice cream can make people happy and get rid of a bad mood

Researchers conducted an interesting calculations, in which it was found that every second in the world sold one ice cream, and every person in an average year eats about 12 kg of this delicacy. This is not surprising, because according to recent studies scholars, this product is an excellent antidepressant, as it frees people from depression and lifts the mood.

The staff of the research Institute of London has recently substantiated by the fact that ice-cream can make people happy. In the course of conducting a wide range of different studies using MRI, scientists have studied the brains of people who at the moment this chilled treat. The result was that the ice cream very seriously affects areas of the brain that are responsible for the emergence of feelings of joy. It is particularly interesting that their activation is quite literally a spoon of this product.

In light of recent events, we can assume that in the future the ice cream will take into circulation many clinics and will conduct comprehensive procedures to get rid of depression.

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