Hypoxia helps in restoration of the spinal cord after injury

Recent studies in neuroscience have shown that short periods of oxygen deprivation help to recover faster the spinal cord after a serious injury, reports New Scientist. More than half of the injuries, followed by injuries of the nervous connections and impaired motor function of limbs.

According to scientists, hypoxia helps activate internal forces of the nervous tissue for subsequent recovery. A reduced level of oxygen frees up additional portions of serotonin, which provides additional growth of nerve cells in the damaged areas. As a result, formed new relationships, and movement in the limbs back.

To confirm his theory was collected two groups of people with various injuries to the spinal cord. None of them were unable to move. The first group received oxygen inhalation in a special mode. First, patients received 1.5 minutes discharged 9% of oxygen, then normal air containing 21% oxygen. The second group was the control and treatment were conducted according to standard methods.

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At the end of the experiment, the scientists found that the first group had the best results in the restoration of motor function. Participants 3.8 seconds faster ran the distance in 10 meters. In addition, constant training immediately after inhalation of oxygen gave even better results.

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