Hypoallergenic dogs do not reduce the allergenicity

Contrary to popular belief that the household allergic to dogs does not apply to hypoallergenic dogs, the researchers from Henry Ford hospital found that these scientific speculation was not proven.

As hypoallergenic dogs produce less dander, saliva, less fade, and allergies they should call to a lesser extent. However, Dr. Cole Johnson notes that no scientific evidence has not been found. Protection from allergies to dogs provide contacts with the dog at an early age. Separate breeds of dogs are unable to cause fewer allergic reactions.

The researchers analyzed dust samples from 173 houses from the bedroom of the child and analyzed for allergens. The study involved only house with a dog in the experiment participated dogs sixty species, 11 of which are considered hypoallergenic.

The dust analysis showed no significant difference in the number of allergens. Of course scientists can't answer for how much time the dog spent in this room, perhaps hypoallergenic dogs spent a lot of time in the room where they took samples.

However, while scientists are asked not to hope for a loud name "Hypo-allergenic" and not to get a dog, if your health does not allow you.

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