Hypnosis will ease the symptoms of menopause

According to the findings of the American clinicians, combat manifestation of such unpleasant conditions such as menopause, effective may be hypnosis.

Participated in a three month study of the fairer sex were divided into two groups. The first group of subjects five times throughout the week, got a few sessions of hypnosis. With the participants from the second group doctors talked about manifesting the symptoms. As a result, specialists of Texas and Belorusskogo Universities found that under the influence of hypnosis was less apparent symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes at 75-85 percent. And reduction of symptoms during the session with the doctor was at best 15 percent.

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In addition, volunteers were included in the first group, improved quality of sleep. As the authors of the study, under the influence of hypnosis changes in their functions is experiencing the parasympathetic nervous system, providing an important influence on the manifestation of symptoms of menopause.

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