Hypnosis instead of anesthesia

Belgian doctors use to patients hypnosis instead of General anesthesia while not life-threatening operations. They are of the opinion that such alternative medical anaesthesia help to recover faster after surgery, and will not cause dependence on painkillers and means for anesthesia.

Doctors from Universal Hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels offers hypnosis since 2003, another Belgian hospital has already been conducted 8000 operations with its use.

Recently doctors from Germany, France and the UK offer patients anesthesia hypnosis, not General anesthesia.

The demand for such anesthesia among the population is so great that the French society of anesthesiologists established a separate structure within the organization for doctors hypnologist.

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This practice can be useful for small transactions, since any anesthesia harmful to human health and can cause side effects such as a loss of neurons, toxic effects on organs and systems.

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