Hypertension - treatment methods

The treatment of such diseases as hypertension, depends on the stage of its development. If the numbers are low pressure, and the patient has no other serious diseases that exacerbate the disease (diabetes, atherosclerosis), the pressure normalization can be carried out non-drug methods. They include:

1. correction of body weight;

2. the refusal of alcoholic beverages and Smoking;

3. physical activity of a moderate nature, within age categories and characteristics of the organism;

4. the reduced use of salt and animal fat in the diet and an increase in food of plant origin;

5. the normalization of the mode of the day;

6. a variety of techniques aimed at reducing psychological stress (meditation, autogenic training, hypnosis);

7. receiving sedatives and charges herbs for hypertension.

With long-term progressive course of the disease, therapy is consistent use of plain products or combined treatment, which may consist of from two to five drugs.

Most frequently in hypertensive apply the following groups of drugs:

- beta-blockers;

- calcium antagonists;

- ACE inhibitors;

- diuretics;

- Sartana;

- vasodilator;

- tranquilizers and antidepressants;

drugs aspirin or other antiplatelet agents;

- statins.

The last two groups are assigned as prophylaxis for acute conditions and necessary for the prevention of blood clots and blockages of blood vessels of cholesterol plaques.

Great supporting role at any stage of the disease play techniques that are used in folk medicine. Herbs that reduce pressure, are widely known. It hawthorn, Valerian, cottonweed marsh, chokeberry, sweet clover, knotweed, Melissa, flax seed, fruits of the mountain ash berries and leaves of bilberry. To combine them for use in any combination. The duration of such treatment is 4 to 6 months. It is recommended that each month to make a break for 10 days.

Diuretics for a long time can lead to washout from the body with essential micronutrients. So it is better to apply small courses, and during breaks to drink herbs that possess the same properties. These include: horsetail, series, parsley, fennel, cranberries (leaves and fruits), buds, leaves and birch.

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