Hypertension in adolescence has its positive sides

Scientists have discovered a very useful property of hypertension in adolescence. It turns out that if Teens have high blood pressure, then he becomes more attuned to the difficulties of life, and in addition it shows a better quality of life than those adolescents, the pressure which was normal, according to News-medical.net.

Study leader Dr. Angela Berendes from the University of göttingen together with colleagues analyzed data from nearly 7700 adolescents. 10.7 per cent of them had high blood pressure: about 2 times more than the permissible limits. Hypertension in these adolescents was associated with obesity, alcohol consumption and low levels of physical activity. But what surprised most experts that hypertension was also due to the academic success and high living quality. In the latter case, it was about self-esteem, home environment and physical condition. Teenagers with high blood pressure rarely faced with the problem of hyperactivity.

However, experts warn that high blood pressure can be very long exist without any symptoms, while damaging the internal organs and vessels. But as recent scientific work, hypertension does not cause growth of the level of distress in adolescents. This situation scientists explain as follows: the desire for good grades leads to the creation of a stressful situation. Stress causes hypertension, and performed its tasks raise the self-esteem.

In addition, some teenagers have the tendency to suppress negative emotions, which also causes high blood pressure. A survey, in turn, establishes only a positive psychological state. And, perhaps, high pressure just makes negative emotions less acute. In any case, the real reason scientists are not yet installed.

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