Hypertension: causes, symptoms, treatment

Hypertension is a chronic disease that in the initial stages is characterized by periodic increase in blood pressure after the constant. The normal rate of blood pressure should be close to 120-130/70-80 mm RT. Art.


The formation of hypertension contributes to a combination of genetic predisposition and human exposure to adverse external factors. One of the mechanisms leading to the development of the disease is excessive nervousness, which causes the patient has a deep and intense emotional response, emotional experience. The logical conclusion of this is not very positive chain is increased blood pressure.

Special active substances released into the blood by the kidneys, provoke long-term changes in the regulation of blood pressure, the improvement which over time becomes more stable.

"Support" for hypertension is enhanced pumping performance of the heart that occurs when an unnecessarily large volume of blood circulating through the vessels.

Persistent high blood pressure leads to decreased elasticity of the vessel walls, which explains the "age" promotion in the future.

Predisposing to hypertension factor are different degrees of obesity.


Among the many symptoms of high blood pressure, highlight the most common:

• headache;

• sleep disorders;

• the noise in my head;

• reduced mental capacity;

• nosebleeds;

• dizziness;

• periods of improvement and deterioration, characterized by chronic disease.


The sharp deterioration of health caused by a jump in blood pressure is a major cause for immediate call for the doctor or staff, "Ambulance". While waiting for the professionals should take a half-sitting position, take Corvalol and extraordinary Dale drug, prescribed by the attending physician.

The emergence of substernal pain requires taking nitroglycerin. To the normalization of the state should refuse to eat.

Intense headache at high pressure is able to remove the tablet diuretic drug (if previously it has been successfully used and approved by the attending physician).

Treatment of hypertension should be under the supervision of specialists AB for several years.

Prevention of the development of hypertension is to limit food salt, eating diet foods, and increasing physical activity.

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