Hypertension can cause dementia

Dr. LON white conducted a survey of 774 men, which found that beta-blockers, the function of which is to reduce blood pressure, in addition, reduce the likelihood of changes in the brain that are associated with the onset of dementia, according to BBC.

Experts from the University of Hawaii still need to conduct more extensive studies will be used by both men and women of different races. At the moment they were able to establish only one thing - high blood pressure increases the risk not only of stroke and cardiovascular disease and vascular dementia.

High pressure destroys small blood vessels, which provide the cerebral circulation. As you know, the blood is a major provider of vital oxygen and nutrients. Without a proper supply of blood, any cells die. That's why dementia vessels named the second cause of dementia, after Alzheimer's disease.

According to experts, in this case, any product, which is aimed at reducing pressure is useful for the brain: in people taking such drugs , abnormalities in the brain are detected much less frequently.

It was recently conducted another, more extensive study, which was attended by 800 thousand people. It was aimed at identifying the antagonist receptor of angiotensin, which also affects the pressure. As it turned out, this drug reduces the risk of dementia by half.

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