Hypertension and treatment implications

With hypertension, the patient may not even be aware of its existence, until you are confronted with its consequences. Sometimes hypertension is also called the silent killer, as a consequence of such diseases include heart attack and stroke. But what is this disease and what is the treatment of hypertension?

Hypertension is a disease in which there has been a steady increase in arterial blood pressure. To understand how this disease on overall health, imagine a vessel that carries blood. The vessels initially very flexible and freely expand and contract when needed. But at constant arterial pressure vessels lose their elasticity and their walls become thinner. As a result, when the next jump of the pressure vessel walls can not stand it, and there is bleeding. Also under constant pressure vessels of the body become rough and detained on their walls cholesterol and calcium thus clogging the channels for the passage of blood. This reduces the normal flow of blood to vital organs. Over time from hypertension begin to suffer kidney, heart, and brain.

The statistics of this disease is not comforting. According to her, more than 40% of the adult population suffers from hypertension. Often the diagnosis of a person who does not even suspect the existence of such disease. What to do if the doctor you have noticed hypertension?

Don't worry! To start, ask the doctor to explain what has caused the emergence of this disease. Often hypertension only concomitant disease associated with obstruction of the kidneys, heart, or point to other problems of the body. Usually the doctor will prescribe additional inspection to determine the cause and extent of the disease. During the initial stages of developing high blood pressure, when the pressure reaches 140/90, I can recommend the proper diet and change of life without prescription. In the case when blood pressure is consistently held to the level above 140/90, will be prescribed medication. Depending on the severity of the disease can be assigned to either the complex preparations, or one kind of drugs. Primarily prescribed thiazide diuretics. In addition, in any case, you must revise your life in favor of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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