Hygroma brush - causes, symptoms, treatment

Hygroma brush is formed as a result of the filling of the tissues tendons of jelly-like mass. At the back of the hand formed a small seal. First, the patient may not notice this lump, because some time it doesn't bother them. Treatment of hygroma brushes folk remedies often brings good results, depending on the size of this tumor.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

First of all, in the joints cystic formation of small sizes. The patient may experience a mild pain during physical activity. In addition, difficult or restricted work joints.

Sometimes it seems that the hygroma goes without assistance, and then begins to worry again.

Often the disease occurs without apparent reason. However hygroma is very common among pianists and computer geeks (due to the repetitive motion of the hands). In addition, hygroma may occur when injury or injury, as well as under heavy load during these sports, such as archery or throwing engine.

With regard to the treatment of this disease, the most effective and safest option is the removal of hygroma. Removal is accomplished using a laser (the tumor is heated to the point, as it will collapse), surgical excision (in this case, the tumor is removed along with the shell), and conservative removal (hygro opened and administered various drugs). When any operation is performed with local anesthesia so that the patient does not have any painful shock.

Often hygro and treat with folk remedies. For example, you can try to bind to the seal copper coin or make a compress of Kombucha.

Before going to sleep lubricate hygro iodine or Naturita seal with vaseline. Good effect and bring warm compresses with the addition of alcohol. In exceptional cases, you can try their forces to crush the tumor (but the feeling is not pleasant).

Before bed intensive massage tumor, then wrap it with a cloth made of natural wool.

Finally, you can put on the seal cake made with honey, mixed with the pulp of the aloe. In this mix you can add a little rye flour.

Don't forget that the most effective is considered a comprehensive treatment of hygroma.

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