Hydrotherapy as a treatment of chronic diseases

The healing power of water has long been studied by doctors. It is used as a treatment for chronic diseases. A list of the most common diseases that can handle water:

Patients that have vision problems, respiratory system, muscular dystrophy shows water aerobics. The course of therapeutic exercise in water is developed individually for each patient, but may apply and some are common to all patients elements of Aqua aerobics.

Scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis perfectly treatable with regular exercises in water using specially developed techniques. The load on the spine in this case is reduced, and muscle activity increases, which allows you to create a proper load on certain muscle groups. As a result of this water gymnastics the patient formed a correct posture and a strong muscular corset.

Want your child does not have problems with the spine during growth? Then be sure to give him swimming lessons. Rolling baby will love and water aerobics. After such exercise, the kid will want to keep your back straight.Funny exercise, and the result is phenomenal

Those watching from the sidelines engaged in aerobics people can seem their ridiculous attempts to keep his balance in the water, remain in a vertical position, to perform certain job coach. But only those who at this time is in the water, can feel the complexity of these exercises.

Try it in the water without touching the bottom of the pool, sit with back with outstretched legs. If the attempt fails, you will most likely easier to perform in the water exercise "scissors" or "draw" the feet of the letters of his name? But at first glance, these tasks seem so simple. But nothing is impossible. It teaches water aerobics. After a few workouts in the water you will be able to learn how to keep his back straight in a sitting position or perform jumping rope in the water.

The load on the musculoskeletal system during training in the aquatic environment comparable to a full session at the gym, hike in the mountains, bike riding. But in comparison with other sports activities water aerobics gives participants the charge on the water the sea of positive emotions.

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