In the very near future you may receive probably the most controversial and aggressive sport. Hunting for people, scientists believe, will become a pastime for the wealthy.

Futurist Daniel Wright (University of Central Lancashire) suggests, all a century a sort of "hunger games" will appear on the TV screens of real people. These murders will be broadcast on large screens.

Daniel Wright backed up his thoughts with scientific facts. The gap between segments of the population is constantly increasing. The rich get richer, the poor poorer. After 100 years, the planet can be periselene at the expense of developing countries. "Hungry mouths", suggests the expert, will be destroyed in various ways. One of them is this here manhunt.

Note that the ratio of violent death in the society over the last century has changed dramatically. Now most movies murders shows death as believable detail. Moreover, not so long ago began to gain popularity of "dark tourism", when a group of people visits the Museum of torture, concentration camps and other places associated with death and suffering.

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