Hungarian police are investigating 70 suspicious deaths in hospitals

In Budapest recently happened 70 suspicious deaths from an overdose of drugs, the Hungarian police suspects that cancer patients had received a deadly dose of drugs in the framework of the "Amateur" euthanasia one of the doctors.

Euthanasia is illegal in Hungary, so the offender will face murder charges.

The President of the Hungarian Assotsiatsii hospitals Istvan Eger urged people to remain calm and reminded about the presumption of innocence, though, and called the abuse of medical provision is a serious violation of ethics.

Among the suspects is a former physician who published an article about the deaths of cancer patients with an overdose of painkillers. However, to prove someone's guilt will be difficult, morphine is quite a strong drug used to relieve severe pain and find out how necessary was introduced to the patient dose will be extremely difficult. It is also difficult to determine whether the patient died from cancer or from an overdose of the drug.

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