Hundreds of medicinal herbs now outlawed in Europe

If you live in Europe, it is likely to rush to the pharmacy to buy herbs, soon you their sales will not see. The European Union placed a ban on the sale of medicinal herbs for centuries before it was used by our ancestors.

Traditional herbs - St. John's wort, Echinacea, will now be sold only after the issuance of license pharmaceutical firms. Only approved by the regulatory Agency for medical drugs herbs will be on sale. But even approved products will be recommended for the treatment of mild symptoms, such as slight cold, mean, these herbs will change the labeling and packaging will no longer write a list of their healing properties.

The European Union says that it is for the benefit and protection of the consumer, because the grass in combination with prescription drugs often make dangerous effect, although the percentage of such cases is negligible. Most likely it is not just consumer protection, it is an attempt of the EU to compete with alternative medicine.

Director of the Royal pharmaceutical society in Wales Paul Gimson argues that the use of herbs unsafe, because they unlike drugs were not involved in clinical testing. However, it is not obvious whether the fact that their useful properties are tested by time and people.

Strange ban? From an economic point of view - not at all. Imagine, if you previously took supplements from vitaxa from gynecological problems, now you can't just buy it at the pharmacy. The doctor will write you a prescription for pills or you will have to search the Internet for a pharmaceutical company to receive permission to release this "dangerous" herbs.

The new law infringes on the rights of nutritionists, adherents of folk medicine, and ordinary consumers, now forced to look for new places to purchase the most ordinary herbs. Most scientists refer to this law, skepticism is obviously a commercial move for the state additional revenue by licensing products.

All Europeans, we strongly advise you to make a supply of the necessary funds before the entry of the judgment!

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