Humanity will perish in 2880 year, according to U.S. scientists

American experts have published a new date for the end of the world. They believe that in 2880 year will be a clash of the giant asteroid and the Earth's surface. Until the end of the world, according to scientists, we have 864 year.

The asteroid rotates in a complex orbit and is located in the Solar system. When the collision of the body with the Earth we have no chance. The force of the explosion will be 45 thousand megatons of TNT.

If science is not able to invent anything to protect the planet from asteroids, we really expect the death of all living beings on earth. The explosion will change the climate and make the planet to evolve again.

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Note, mankind has already experienced not one "end of the world". The latter was scheduled for December 21, 2012, but did not come.

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