Humanity will face a long but unhealthy life

Life expectancy in most countries is growing, as the number of people with chronic diseases. In the near future, mankind has a long life with chronic diseases. Now chronic diseases are diagnosed in 95% of the world population, one third of immediately suffers five incurable pathologies, writes New Scientist. The increase in life expectancy only increases the risk of chronic diseases, according to scientists from the University of Washington.

Improving the quality of life and health care increase life expectancy and make adjustments to its course. Most people faced with tooth decay, back pain, hair loss by 30-40 years. Infectious diseases declines.

The number of patients with diabetes increased from 1990 to 43%, and the mortality from it is just 9%. It talks about the improvement of the quality of medical care, however, such incidence can not disturb. Experts from around the world participate in programs to reduce the number of people with diabetes.

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