Human eyes reflect the stage sclerosis

According to the BBC, using coherent optical tomography, which is a normal eye, there is an opportunity to make a quick analysis of the health of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Checking the mucous membrane of the retina in one eye takes a few minutes.

These studies were conducted by members of the medical school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who tested the imaging on 164 patients with multiple sclerosis. Scientists have documented a thinning of the retina in patients who were in active stage of the disease. In their opinion, to monitor the progress of the disease, it is possible to conduct a similar test on a daily basis. This study should last for two years.

Multiple sclerosis affects the nerves of the spinal cord and brain, destroying their protective myelin sheath. When the patient's condition varies from mild forms of the disease to its aggravation, a similar disease called remittiruuschem. There are cases of the original progressive forms of MS, which leads to a steady increase in disease severity.

At the moment medicines sclerosis does not exist. Experts have developed methods that inhibit its development. And the disease is difficult to track. Inflammation in the brain can be detected using MRI, but this is not enough.

OCT allows identifies the condition of the photosensitive layers of the retina, which was not available previously. Any changes on the retina immediately visible, as the nerves in the eye the retina does not have any protective coating, and during acute sclerosis retin a faster rate becomes thinner.

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