How to wear makeup and glasses - basic rules

Sunglasses nowadays have become very popular attribute. Some wear them because of the need for, and the other to create a certain image and image, using them as a fashion accessory. In any case, many girls think that the concept of make-up and glasses are not compatible. However, it is not so. Paulino matched optics in combination with a good makeup will transform your face. So what makeup is ideal for any points and will be a great addition to your image?

First of all, observe the color harmony rule, in accordance with the frame of your glasses and their design. Hardly, bright green shade will be good to watch with a red or yellow rim. Try to pick the most similar shades, but if you want a neutral makeup, so as not to complicate life selection, then choose not brightest, most natural color.

For example, use brown or beige shade, good shading them throughout the century. Use not bright eyeliner to make the eyes expressive and more brightness. Beating one shade of eye shadow or use two similar, but not more. Beware of bright arrows, because the glasses ways to further increase their visually and give more saturation. It makes the makeup is very bright and inappropriate, especially for daily wear. Shadow, it is best to use matte, without large sequin and pearl in the composition.

Eyebrows don't make too bright, better not use flashy shadows, muted brownish shades, carefully fill the space eyebrows and blend extra special brush. Too bright of brow, in combination with the glasses is able to create a neat appearance and to make the person not neat.

As for facial makeup, it is desirable to use more long-lasting cosmetics, for example, concealer, or a stable powder. After all, during the day, you probably will correct or remove the glasses, which can cause lubrication products. Therefore, for ideal points will be persistent cosmetics.

Lips should not be issued in too bright colours, in order not to attract attention, as much emphasis as points on your face already.

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Actually, make-up and wearing glasses is good enough and not problematic combined with each other. The main thing is moderation in the application of all cosmetic products, you should not forget that the eyeglasses are very active accessory on your face that will attract to you more attention from others.

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