How to treat barley child

Often children on the eye occurs unpleasant swelling, called barley. Children are very worried because of your appearance, the parents, first of all, concerned about the causes of barley and how serious is the danger that the lesion responsible for their offspring. Let's consider the basic ways of how to treat barley on the eye of the child.

Causes of

Barley is an acute inflammation located in the region of the eye of the sebaceous gland. Most likely causative agent of this disease is Staphylococcus aureus, which falls in the affected area due to the lack of observance of rules of hygiene. Children often touch the eyes with dirty hands or objects. Barley may occur in children who wear contact lenses, or as a result of hypothermia.

Swelling reddish color that appears around the eyes, gives a child a lot of trouble. When barley can increase lymph nodes, the temperature rise may lead to headaches. Often the eye swells to such an extent that only a narrow slit. After a few days you receive an abscess, which can tear. After the swelling subsides, but may occur at this new lesions.

It is no coincidence that the most frequent victims of insidious ailments become children. Their immune system is still fragile and therefore they are practically defenseless against barley.


Barley can heal on its own, but this process will be long and painful. Yes and the presence of barley - doubtful decoration baby face. That's why it is better to resort to effective treatment immediately after the discovery of the crumbs signs education barley.

Pus from barley squeeze strictly prohibited! This can lead to infection of the wound. The probability of development of side effects: abscess century or meningitis. In case you suspect that the baby barley, you should visit a doctor. Only he can confirm or refute the diagnosis.

At the initial stage can be applied dry heat ( salt in a fabric bag, heated egg, water in a bottle). In the clinic, in the direction of an ophthalmologist, you can get procedures warming up by a UFO and UHF. Pop the abscess can burn alcohol or antiseptic.

In the treatment of barley use special eye ointment: hydrocortisone, tetracycline, erythromycinbuy and albuterol. You can buy them at any pharmacy. Eyes should drip drops with antimicrobial activity: chloramphenicol, cipromed or sulfacetamide sodium.

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If the barley, the child's body temperature rises, increasing redness and soreness, there are multiple purulent head, inflamed lymph nodes that are used for treatment antibiotics, which is possible only under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Additionally assigned a vitamin to boost the immune system.

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