How to tan on the beach

Smooth and beautiful tan is fashionable! But not everyone knows how correctly to sunbathe on the beach, so as not to harm your body.

You should know that tanning in the sun it is recommended that at a certain time of day.

It is not recommended to sunbathe for lunch from twelve to fifteen hours! During this period the sun activity is the most high, and the risk of sunburn or heatstroke, is very large.

Great benefit and pleasure You get sunshine in the intervals from nine to eleven and sixteen to nineteen hours.

Remember that while you are continuously under the open sun for more than 2 hours, You expose your body to sun fatigue.

Start to tan gradually, so Your body will gradually get used to the ultraviolet light, which has the habit for winter and the risk of allergic reactions will be reduced significantly.

For the first time are under the sun about five minutes, then (the next day) increase stay on the beach to ten and that's the way (slowly, slowly) increase the tanning sessions up to 2 hours per day.

The most common mistake is to rush, many people want everything at once, but this leads to the fact that the skin burns (we've all seen hanging flaps of skin) and not rare and getting heat stroke. And this is in addition to discomfort and poor health no good news does not. So remember - tan should gradually!

Do not immediately expose the whole body to trunks or swimsuit. Gradually cut away his body.

Sunbathe in a swimsuit or swimming trunks only once Your skin becomes accustomed to the active rays of the sun.

I would like to remind you that while on the beach you should use a hat and sunglasses.

Everyone knows that the best time to sunbathe on the beach. The rays of the sun reflected from the water surface have a greater effect, quickly go tan.

For those who don't know, I will say that while bathing our skin tans too. Water in any way, does not reduce the impact of sun rays.

It is not recommended to dry after a swim under the breeze. Because drops of water on our body akin to the small lenses, which can lead to burning of the body.

One of the advantages of sunbathing on the beach is that near water the air is more humid and under the scorching sun, the skin will not dry up.

Don't forget to use protective creams for sunburn, they will protect Your skin from sunburn.

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