How to tan in the Solarium

The right tanning - it's beautiful and even useful, if we strictly follow the simple safety rules. Let us say at once that for sunbathing in the Solarium, you cannot be irresponsible. How to tanning and do not hurt yourself this procedure? Whom it is absolutely contraindicated? What are the restrictions?

To begin with, who is the Solarium. People with oily skin, prone to the formation of pustules, rashes, who need to strengthen bone tissue, while vitamin D deficiency, poor absorption of calcium and phosphorus, psoriasis.

Contraindicated Solarium with cancer, diabetes, blood diseases, immune system, allergies to the sun. Children and adolescents, pregnant women should not use the Solarium.

To know whether a person can get a UV irradiation in artificial conditions, you must consult a dermatologist. He will also give individual recommendations about the duration and intensity of this procedure.

1) People with fair skin the first time you can stay in a tanning bed no more than 4-5 minutes later, 7 minutes;

2) People with dark skin are the first procedures performed within 7 minutes subsequent to 10 minutes.

Should not go to a tanning salon every day. It is best to repeat exposure every two to three days, a total of 2 weeks. Then take a break for about a month. During this time the sun, as a rule, well kept, there is no need for repeated procedures.

Be sure to use protective creams with filters from harmful radiation. Put them on clean, dry skin. Preliminary water treatment before tanning improve the quality of the tan.

You cannot go to a tanning salon immediately after waxing and other beauty treatments, as the skin in this period is very sensitive. It is better to wait a couple of days.

During colds, exacerbation of chronic disease, General malaise, and decreased immunity is also not recommended to use the Solarium. Intense sun exposure can worsen the condition, so as to temporarily reduce immunity.

Women have a well close to the chest, to protect it from UV rays, because the breast tissue is very sensitive to such exposures.

Performing all these rules of indoor tanning, You will be assured of efficiency and, most importantly, the safety of tanning.

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