How to take vitamins?

Today, the pace of life often leaves nothing to chance on a daily restful sleep and dietary diversity. Often, we spend enough time taking healthy food, rest, our body daily loses important vitamins and minerals, and the state of the environment leaves much to be desired. As a result, chronic fatigue and many diseases complicate our lives.

Fortunately, to stop the development of such a bleak scenario, often, it is enough to visit a therapist who is able to define what it is not enough for your body to normal functioning. The doctor will carefully analyze the results of laboratory research and select effective drugs. You only have to follow the rules of taking vitamins to get from the course the maximum effect.

Do not expect good results from vitamin-mineral complexes, which are widely represented in our pharmacies. Typically the vitamins that they contain not digested very well. Many of them prevent the absorption of other elements, which negates the action of the whole complex. Reviews of the vitamins known firms such information, as a rule, does not contain, so people trust advertising, rush to the nearest pharmacy for a "miracle cure for all ills".

Vitamins should take courses, alternating complexes among themselves with a break of two to three weeks. Minerals and vitamins can be used not only for treatment but also in prevention.

The vitamins in the form of effervescent tablets are digested faster, but they are not recommended to take with a stomach ulcer and gastritis when their use can do more harm than good.

Before you start taking the drug, be sure to read the instructions, where the manufacturer specifies the time of admission. If the liner indicated that vitamins should be taken 20 minutes before meals, to do is that way, but not otherwise.

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No matter how good modern vitamin complexes, yet try in the season to get the most essential elements of fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to eat foods with a high content of minerals and vitamins. Most importantly, time to react to the signals of the body! Be healthy!

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