How to take vitamin and mineral supplements?

For anybody not a secret that vitamins and minerals are substances that are essential to any body to maintain its normal functioning.

Meanwhile, even when a full balanced diet, as a rule, the body does not receive certain trace elements and needs more. In this case, the aid man comes a special complex of vitamins and minerals. It is very necessary after the winter and autumn, as well as in the postoperative period, after a long illness, during preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, serious daily mental stress and in certain other cases.

If you want to know how to be healthy with vitamin complexes, must be familiar with certain rules, the most important thing is not to buy this set and start to take, it is important to know how to do it properly, only then will he be able to bring benefit.

How to take complex?

Today manufacturers multivitamin complexes offer a wide selection of their products, which differ in dosage and content. That is why just before you start to uporabljati some of the drugs, although they are sold without a prescription, is initially to obtain the approval of the physician-therapist.

Meanwhile, if a woman is planning a pregnancy or are already in some stage of gestation, as well as young children up to 7 years to apply such vitamin-mineral complexes can be misused and the advice of a doctor in certain specified doses.

Children years old must take a multivitamin complexes exclusively in drops or in the form of a gel. Additional vitamin supplements, typically require children born in spring or winter, as well as those who have marked rickets.

Adults for the prevention of vitamin deficiency should consume vitamins and minerals in following dosage: one capsule or pills after Breakfast every day and so a whole month every day. If there is an urgent need for vitamins to take drugs is one of pills or capsule two times per day: in the morning after Breakfast for the first time and after dinner - second.

To wash down the tablet when you need regular clean water without gas. After a month of reception of a preparation it is necessary to take a break at least one week, but the best 10 days, after that, if there is a need for a technique to continue. Prophylactic course of taking multivitamins is usually 2-3 times a year, mainly in spring and winter.

If vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed by the doctor, the treatment must be under the strict control. When the deficiency is usually prescribed water-soluble vitamins have constantly. They do not accumulate inside the body, such as fat-soluble drugs, and therefore, even with consistent use not bring harm. Fat-soluble vitamins, note, accumulate in the liver and tissues. These include vitamins K, E, D and A.

Good to know! Hypervitaminosis observed in humans at the overabundance of fat-soluble vitamins. Beriberi, as a rule, it is the lack of water-soluble vitamins.

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