How to take a contrast shower

To strengthen the immune system and will help to cheer up douche. Of course, to decide on such a procedure is not easy, but the discomfort it causes only in the early days. In addition to strengthening immunity douche also strengthens blood vessels, improves skin condition, activates the metabolism and causes blood to "run" through the veins intensified. And this procedure helps to get rid of cellulite and leads to an overall rejuvenation of the body.

As with any procedure, a contrast shower requires proper execution, in order not to harm your body. And to get used to this procedure to quickly begin to harden better in the summer.

So what should you do? The procedure begins with a comfortable body temperature water, under which you want to stand a few minutes to get used to. Then you need to gradually increase the temperature, but that is not to experitise. Again few minutes to stand under the hot jets of water.

It's time to make a decisive turn of the faucet and turn on the cold water. Ideally, under the jets of cold water, you also need to spend a few minutes, but for beginners this time may be less. However, each subsequent time the duration of the "phase" of cold water should be increased, while reducing the temperature of the water. Now with cold water changed to hot and so from 3 to 5 times. After the procedure you want and RUB with a towel.

When performing this procedure, you must follow some rules. First, the increase and decrease in temperature should occur gradually, with each new procedure. This will allow the body to adapt to rapid changes in temperature.

Secondly, the period of heating the body longer than cooling. So soak in hot water a little longer. To that in no event it is impossible to bring the body to chill. The main indicator of the correctness of the procedure still are subjective feeling of cheerfulness and comfort. No need to jump over your head, straining the will and body to the detriment of health.

And finally, a contrast shower to take better after the morning exercises, the body is warmed up, the dream state has already passed, and the blood circulates faster.

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As with any health procedure, there is always a small "but". People suffering from heart disease, hypertension with tumors or problems with the kidneys/liver, it is necessary before the procedure check with your doctor.

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