How to stop lactation?

Breast milk is the most valuable and useful product for newborns. But there comes a time of weaning from the breast: as needed or because of the age of the child.

There are different opinions about how to stop lactation and when to take the child from the breast. Many women feed their children up until they have more milk, which can last up to 2-2,5 years. Others believe that it is necessary to take into account the state of the mother. Born baby, though married to his mother, but he will live their own separate lives. So the woman takes the child from the breast when he feels it necessary, because of her emotional and physical state.

A young child is difficult to explain that a mum's milk to him ended. Therefore, women should wear closed clothes and prepare the milk in the Cup, explaining to the child that the mother's milk now there. Playing with your child, give yourself to drink milk from a spoon or small Cup as much as he can drink, training it thereby to independent living. The child will be satisfied and will stop its attempts to reach her mother's breast.

Other women are forced to send your child for a few days to live with the grandmother that it is difficult to tolerate, but is forced to cope with stress thanks to the care of the grandmother. With children 1.5 years to try to negotiate or be plastered under the skin color nipples with halos. Some women grease nipples sour lemon slices or bitter grapefruit peel.

Practiced gradual weaning. The reduction in breast-feeding and increased feeding from a bottle or Cup (even expressed from the breast milk) favorably will feel the mother and child. Night feedings should be stopped since the first days of a child's life, so she could relax. At night you can give water, and the first feeding to start at 6-7 in the morning.

The end of lactation

So in the mammary glands did not develop milk, wear tight bra, "pull" chest canvas up until the milk is not "burn out". Other women it decant for children. You should choose the proper diet and drink plenty of fluids. You can use medication to suppress lactation: Parlodel, Bromocriptine, Dostinex, Microfollin, Norcolut, Orgametril, Torinla, Duphaston, Utrogestan. Carbergoline and other. They can be used only after the appointment of a doctor, because they are hormonal and have contraindications. You cannot apply to women with the presence of varicose veins and hypertension, diseases of the liver and kidneys, thrombophlebitis diabetes, diseases of the pelvic organs.

At the end of lactation should daily examine the chest on hardening, to avoid the development of mastitis. You can apply diuretic herbal teas instead of hormonal tablets: bearberry (bear's ears), cranberries, beans Russians and Basil, madder and scouring horsetail, parsley garden, sage and Valerian.

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