How to stay awake during the day – scholars

There are many ways to stay energetic throughout the day from coffee and cigarettes to NAP. However, scientists from the American chemical society offer a more non-trivial methods. For example, to watch funny videos involving cats or dance to the music. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Funny videos increase the concentration of dopamine and oxytocin in the human brain that creates a feeling of joy, the desire to work. Still need to drink plenty of water, the liquid reduces fatigue and speeds up heartbeat.

Also, experts recommend to dance to your favorite music. The body produces endorphins that increase the level of happiness and relieves stress from work. In addition, the music leads to the activation of neural circuits that are responsible for pleasure.

To be less tired at work, researchers are advised to spend more time outdoors. Oxygen helps the brain, and the change of environment has a positive effect on health. Don't forget about the traditional methods of rest, sometimes when fatigue is the easiest way to sleep in a quiet environment a few hours a day.

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