How to sleep during pregnancy

So that woman looked good and felt great, it needs a full 8 hour sleep, but especially pregnant women. In addition to being a sleep for pregnant women should be of sufficient duration, posture for sleep select the most correct, and the bed comfortable.


Special attention requires a place to sleep and are not suitable mattress excessive stiffness or soft feather bed. For convenience, there are special pillows for pregnant women, usually of large size, which can be completely or placed between the legs so that the product supported the abdomen.

Posture during sleep

In the first trimester pregnant can sleep in any comfortable posture, even on the belly, but given the sensitivity of the mammary glands, their increase, it will not be too convenient.

In the second trimester begins to actively grow the fruit and poses on the abdomen should be avoided, as it is compressed vessels of the placenta. It is best to sleep on his side, as if curled, but it is quite possible position on the back, if the fruit is not great.

On the sixth month of pregnancy the fetus becomes quite large, and to sleep on your back already is not recommended, as this position is a compression of the inferior Vena cava, through which the blood comes from the lower body to the heart muscle and spine. Sleep on your back can lead to the development of hemorrhoids, hypotension, increased respiration.

For the third trimester is the most possible position for sleep pregnant woman is lying on its left side. It is on the left, as in this case, the place where the child is better supplied with blood, no pressure on the liver women, work better kidney, preventing swelling of the extremities. But, it is quite possible and gently falls on the right side, then the uterus is more relaxed, which also improves blood circulation.

So from lying on one side did not numb the body, can just sit back, put back under the pillow or cushion of blankets.

Tips prolonged sleep

1.Do not drink at night plenty of fluids and not to drink carbonated soft drinks, coffee and caffeinated products.

2.The last meal is a few hours before bedtime, so that the contents of the stomach a few had time to digest. Moreover, in the second half of the day is not advisable to eat fatty and fried.

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3.The bedtime and morning rise should be at the same time.

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