How to say goodbye to cough

Cough is a protective reaction of an organism to exposure to chemical, mechanical or bacterial stimuli. Cough can be due to colds or allergic reactions to any substance.

Often the cough is accompanied by inflammation of the respiratory tract. On the mucous membrane formed sticky sputum, difficult breathing process. The body reflexively tries to get rid of secretions by coughing.

In order to quickly resolve the cough, you first need to understand the root cause. The cough may be wet (with the release of secretions) and dry (without discharge). Diseases such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis cause a dry cough. Wet cough emitting secretions need to pay attention to their color. Bronchial asthma sputum discoloured, the presence of bacterial infections indicate yellow-green sputum, broncho - purulent sputum.

A dry cough can be treated with inhalations, decoctions of wild rosemary, herbs, violets, licorice, marshmallow. For the treatment of cough in children it is recommended to use a cough syrup with a pleasant sweet taste. Then to persuade the child to take the medicine do not have.

If the cough of the patient is accompanied by pain in the throat and chest, then you need to additionally apply means that suppress cough reflex and normalizing the secretion secretions. It lozenges, cough candies with sage and eucalyptus. Rapid treatment of dry cough contributes to drink warm drinks - tea, milk, juices. This helps the action face means.

For rapid treatment of cough emitting secretions need to use thinners. These drugs include "Ambroxol, Bromhexine, Lasolvan". But these tools should be used in combination with drugs that eliminate the cause of secretions. Acute respiratory diseases are fairly antitussive drugs. For more serious diseases - bronchitis, or pneumonia, the use of antibiotics that suppress the activity of microbes. In such cases, you need a medical examination.

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For treatment of allergic cough is used nasal spray that relieves irritation of the glands. We recommend the use of antihistamines, but the main means of combating allergic cough - avoidance of sources of irritation.

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