How to save eyesight child? – experts answer

Scientists have tried to explain why in recent years eyesight problems have become so frequently occurring among children. Apparently, in the future the situation will only get worse.

You should start with the fact that most disorders of the visual system have a hereditary nature. Not to say that the child will inherit myopia from their parents. However, the presence of vision problems and both parents increases the likelihood of myopia in a child by 85%. If one parent has myopia, the chance of inheritance of the deviation is not more than 30%.

A negative impact on the eyesight of children have gadgets. Hours behind the screen gaming console, a mobile phone or tablet is able to ruin an initially good vision of the baby.

Experts recommend to consult regularly with an ophthalmologist in order to detect deviations. Upon detection of myopia, the child should as soon as possible to start activities on vision correction.

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