How to restore harmony in the work of immunity?

It is known that the cell interacts with its environment by using the smallest "senses" receptors, each of which has a specific structure and interacts only with specific signaling molecules. If the data patterns match each other, as the key to the lock, the cell can understand the information and respond adequately to it. But what if the "senses" cease to recognize the signals coming from the outside?

If we talk about the cells of the immune system, the ability of the receptors to receive the information about alien agent allows them to take an active part in the processes of activation of complement, phagocytosis, synthesis of antibodies and cytokines, and so on, thus the sensitivity of immune cells to the received signal may vary. One of the substances that can affect this process, is glutathione. Its oxidized form is involved in the activation of receptors and signaling pathways that contribute to increased survival, proliferation or differentiation of cells (Vasilenko, K. P., 2006). Therefore, in clinical practice has been applied oxidized glutathione, or rather its pharmacological analogue - Glutoxim, which is contained in the same drug, developed by specialists of the Russian Pharma You."

GLUTOXIM allows you to restore the sensitivity of receptors to regulatory and transport molecules. What his targets are cells of the immune system, which helps to give them back the ability to perceive information about the pathogens, react to it and to take an active part in the fight against disease. Thus, activated by phagocytosis, getting back to work tissue macrophages triggers the action of other participants in the immune response - interleukins and interferons. In addition, GLUTOXIM helps the bone marrow hematopoiesis (the formation of erythrocytes, lymphocytes, granulocytes, monocytes) and the completion of the missing cells.

It should be noted that foreign authors are Glutoxim to a special group of drugs - peptides immune host defence peptides), providing dual action antimicrobial and immunomodulatory. According to experts, this may allow not only affect the immune system of the patient, but also to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy, as well as to influence antibiotic resistant pathogens (Steinstraesser L., 2010).

GLUTOXIM has a wide range of indications. It is relevant for the treatment and prevention of secondary immunodeficiency States, increasing the resistance of the organism to the effects of infectious, chemical, and physical factors (during intoxication or radiation), and also for recovery of bone marrow hematopoiesis. This drug is also used in pulmonology (to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), tuberculosis(in complex antituberculosis therapy and to prevent its toxic complications, as well as antibiotic resistance of mycobacteria), dermatology (psoriasis), surgery (for prevention of postoperative purulent complications), Oncology (for prevention of toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as to reduce such symptoms as anemia, fatigue, decreased appetite, increased pain sensitivity).

Due to its favorable effect on liver cells GLUTOXIM you can take in cachestoreprivate means, for example, in chronic viral hepatitis b and C, and also to prevent exacerbations of chronic hepatitis in patients with tuberculosis.

GLUTOXIM will help the cells of the immune system to speak the same language - the language of activism for health!

Source - publishing MORION.

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