How to restore hair after loss?

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant cosmetic problems is severe hair loss. This feeling is inherent in both men and women, which leads to a huge assortment of purchased and home remedies for restoring hair.

For a healthy body and the norm is the frequency of more intense precipitation. Don't panic if during the day you fall to 80 hairs is in the order of things.

If the loss was really a problem, it makes sense to immediately consult a trichologist. After a thorough examination and determine the cause of this phenomenon, you will be assigned a treatment.

However, there are other means by which hair restoration after loss will be faster. These funds assistants beauty salons include:

1. Head massage. It can be done with fingertips or a special massager.

2. If you color your hair, go to a more gentle ammonia-free paint.

3. Regularly hydrating mask. Can at home to use bananas, dairy products, bran, oil.

4. One of the most effective homemade masks for hair restoration is a tool based on the purchase of b vitamins with added aloe Vera and mineral water or your favorite hair mask. The mask is applied to clean wet hair for 40-60 minutes, swaddling the head with cling film and a towel.

5. A conventional means for recovery of the amount of hair is onion mask. The easiest and most effective recipe: apply fresh onion juice on hair roots, massage their fingertips for 10 minutes and 20 minutes, wrap your hair with cling film.

6. For hair care use only those tools that are suitable for your hair type.

7. Properly wash your hair: frequency - as needed, before washing thoroughly lock, rinse well. Never brush wet locks is very damaging roots.

8. Every day cheer hair massage brush with blunt teeth.

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Eat properly, protect hair from too high or low temperature, wind and frost, use only quality products to care, love yourself and your hair will amaze beauty and health.

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