How to repair dry and brittle hair

Dry and brittle hair due to various factors: specifically, you will answer the question the doctor, trichologist, prodeinotherium the condition of your scalp, and, if necessary, will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Still, the most common reasons you can try to correct yourself.

Hereditary factor. From the parents in “the inheritance”, you can get hair, not radiant health, and the dryness is evident not only in freezing weather, but it is an accompanying addition to your life. In this case, you should choose a shampoo based on nourishing and moisturizing components: strengthening ceramides, olive oil, Shea butter, avocado oil and fruit acids will ensure your hair silky and smooth, and fill out the Shine and health). Even better, if your shampoo will contain honey or panthenol (they have a regenerating and nourishing effect), or keratin (strengthens hair).

Frequent staining is one of the common causes dryness and brittle hair. This is because contained in the paint of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. For your hair in this case, you should purchase a shampoo labeled “for colored hair and pamper your tresses with special masks containing silk proteins, jojoba oil and other moisturizing and nourishing supplements (this will make the hair manageable and supple).

Dry air. To solve the problem of low humidity will help the humidifier. In addition, it is advisable to purchase thermal water that can be sprayed not only on the face but also around them.

Unbalanced diet. Like it or not, and often we consume enough minerals and vitamins, which negatively affects the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon fast food, not to get involved with diet, to eat more vegetables and fruits, and take a vitamin-mineral complexes in spring and autumn.

Thermal effect. Irons, Hairdryers, “pressing” - cause impressive damage hair because of high temperature of these devices deprive your hair of moisture, making them brittle. Therefore, putting the hair in the hot way, is to use hair tools with thermal protection (special sprays, balms, protective oils: they contain vitamin B5, E and natural proteins that protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures). In addition, for care of hair, you should use restorative and nourishing mask and serum.

Brittle and dry hair - the problem to be solved, which should be taken seriously, because the beauty of the hair depends on their health.

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