How to remove the hump on a nose?

Desire a little bit to adjust its appearance is a lot of people. Very often psychological discomfort delivers the shape of the nose. Congenital or acquired the hump may lead to the development of serious complex. So in cosmetology, there are various ways of getting rid of unwanted hooked noses.


The hump can be removed by the method of rhinoplasty. The operation is carried out for about two hours, using local or General anesthesia. This involvement can be calculated after 18 years. Before surgery, the plastic surgeon will carry out a physical examination and will give direction to the classic series of tests. In operation may be refused if the surgeon feels it tests bad, or the patient's wishes will not match the capabilities of rhinoplasty.

Correction of the nose occurs in two stages. The first is removing excess cartilage and bone tissues. Next, the surgeon forms the width and height of the nose, corrects irregularities, changes the position of the tip of the nose.

After surgery the patient to impose a plaster cast, which will be removed after a week. Within two to three days after surgery, there is bleeding from the nose, pain, difficulty breathing and swelling. Assessment of the conduct after swelling subsides. Rehabilitation will last about a month, so it is recommended to take a vacation at work for at least 2 weeks.

There is also a method of non-surgical rhinoplasty-based injections in the form of a gel.


To completely get rid of a bump on his nose without rhinoplasty impossible. However, some correction can be achieved with the help of special exercises for the face from Carole Maggio. Consider one of the exercises:

1. Starting position: inverted stomach, tense muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Nose captured thumb and index finger, presses down on the nose.

2. Free index finger on your other hand attach to the tip of the nose in the direction opposite to the defect.

3. Lower lip drop down for a second, then relax. Do 40 repetitions.

4. Remember, the tip of the nose directed towards the outstretched finger until it stops.

Any exercises for the correction of a bump should be repeated in the preventive purposes, even after a significant straightening of the nose.

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To hide the hump using simpler techniques: correct moisture hair and makeup. In order to divert attention from the upper part of the face, use a brighter lipstick. For the correction of a bump you will need two types of powder: dark and light. A dark powder is applied on the upper part of the nose, and the light on the wings. Thinking through the hair, pay special attention to the volume of the hair. The greater the volume, the less noticeable will seem like a hump.

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