How to remove narcotic breaking

Narcotic withdrawal is a pathological condition that is manifested by a certain time after systematic drug use. Often, breaking begins after the adoption of such powerful drugs as heroin or cocaine.

Breaking appears after drug was used about a few weeks. However, in people who have some abnormalities in the nervous system, the dependence may develop after two times of taking drugs.

Withdrawal withdrawal is the first step on the path to deliverance from drug addiction. Quite scary to see the status of the withdrawal syndrome with their own eyes and feel it yourself. Painful feelings that accompany breaking provoke addict on a new dose of the drug. If the addict has experienced a break-up, he will no longer be able to live without drugs.

If a person takes drugs for a long time, remove the break will be much harder. If the drug experience is quite large, the dope is removed only in a hospital, as such a patient in need of constant surveillance specialists. Breaking the addict is experiencing severe discomfort. To eliminate this discomfort can be a doctor-psychiatrist.

When removing the withdrawal syndrome need to completely stop using drugs. The doctor tells the patient the drugs that contribute to pain and to reduce anxiety. However, serious cases of drug abuse the sharp rejection drugs can cause death of the patient. When removing the withdrawal first from the body toxins and poisons that have not yet absorbed (detoxification). This stage of treatment is required for elimination of narcotic withdrawal.

Many patients try to relieve withdrawal symptoms from the comfort of home. However, the positive effect in this case can not be reached. The addict uses alcohol, hoping that this will reduce pain, but it only exacerbates the situation. In no case can not be used during the breakage of different stimulants that can lead to death.

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Withdrawal withdrawal syndrome in the hospital lasts about a week. The withdrawal procedure withdrawal is that the patient is injected poly-ionic salt solution to restore electrolyte balance.

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