How to relax on vacation

Zurab Kekelidze, chief specialist of the Ministry of Russia gave a few tips on how to relax during your well-deserved vacation.

According to Kekelidze in the hot summer season to go to the South of the country is detrimental to health, it is better to relax in the middle lane, and to lengthen the summer, it's best to go on vacation very or summer to take a trip to a warm country after hot Russian days. It is better to break vacation for two for two weeks.

Vacation in a distant country with a large time difference, where time zones can be almost diametrically opposite to usual, requires long-term acclimatization, it is necessary to adjust the rhythm of sleep, all organs. Better to go on vacation with a minimum time difference, otherwise every time the acclimatization will take 3-4 days.

Between quality vacation and productivity there is a direct relationship. Indeed, in groups, where people sit up late, pretty low productivity, but rather its rapid imitation. From overwork difficult to work effectively, especially from periuterine reduced memory and thinking processes. Optimal eight-hour day, and the same amount of sleep at night. To reduce sleep in favor of work or play is not necessary - then neither the first nor the second will not be well given.

If work is necessary on Monday morning, you should not go back on Sunday, you need at least one day to take on the acclimatization - peaceful rest without the tumultuous celebrations and libations.

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