How to recognize the deficiency and what to do?

If people over a long period of time loses vitamins that are needed to complete the maintenance in good condition of his body, or they are too fast, then develops a painful condition known by the medical name beriberi. In some cases, the person does not have enough of any one vitamin, but there are cases when the person at the same time missing a few vitamins that are important for normal functioning of the body. Beriberi occurs for various reasons, but, as a rule, people themselves are guilty of development of the given pathology. To the development of beriberi, for example, can lead a strict diet.

The spring deficiency symptoms

The greatest susceptibility to deficiency of the human body undergoes in the spring, after the cold and long winter, as you know, poor fresh quality vegetables and fruits. In our latitudes, the winter food is very poor in minerals and vitamins. This important factor is added spring exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to impaired absorption of vitamins. Many medicines used to treat stomach ulcers and gastritis, help to reduce the absorption of vitamins.

So, the symptoms of beriberi:

• drowsiness;

• chronic fatigue;

• irritability;

• reduced health and mental alertness;

• the appearance of blackheads and pimples on the skin;

• dull hair, hair loss;

• peeling of the skin;

• brittle nails;

• chapped lips.

The emergence of such symptoms is undoubtedly an occasion to visit a therapist. Specialist find out the causes of the patient has this condition and prescribe treatment. When the diagnosis of beriberi people, first of all, we need to enrich your diet with foods, which contain large amounts of vitamins. The doctor also may prescribe taking a multivitamin preparations.

Remember, the deficiency can manifest itself in different ways, affecting a specific area or the whole body! Only a physician can determine what vitamin is not enough. Often, to clarify the diagnosis, the patient analysis, which helps determine the content of vitamins in the blood. Pay close attention to their health, and this will help to prevent this unpleasant disease beriberi.

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