How to recognize nail fungus

With fungal nails - onychomycosis faces 2/3 of the population of the entire planet. This is a pretty nasty disease, which affects not only the nail plate, but also okolonogtevogo roller, and the skin on the palms and feet.

Cause fungus organisms of different species: molds and yeasts, dermatophytes, but the symptoms of the disease for any similar cases. Effective treatment of nail fungus only when determining its varieties and detecting the reaction of fungal spores on the action of drugs. What laboratory studies: maturalne and microscopic, clinical examination, diagnosis at the DNA level.


• discolouration of the nail and loss of gloss

• surface roughness

• white spots

• separation of the nail plate

• continuous education of zausentsy

• separation of nail from nail bed

• peeling of the hands and feet

• destruction and raskruchivanie nail

Infection by the fungus occurs when the infection from the external environment, as well as the local distribution of autoinfection, i.e. in the presence of skin fungus, the disease passes and on the nails of the hands and feet.

Sources of infection:

• other people are carriers of the fungus, the infection occurs in pools and baths, pedicure, when disputes fall washcloth or towel, scissors or shoes;

• environment, as in water, soil, plants, microorganisms can live for many years, which is typical of moulds;

• Pets are often vectors of which the owner has no idea, but is especially common this disease in wild animals in tropical countries.

High distribution of onychomycosis justified excellent survival of fungi in various conditions, for example, quite a sick person to swim in the pool or to touch the handle of the trolley, as the disease can pick up other people.

Particularly susceptible to infection people:

• older, more often men;

• patients with diabetes;

• vascular disease;

• with a weakened immune system;

• fungal skin lesions;

• mechanical damage to the nail plate.

If an infected person is completely healthy, the fungus may not develop, but in the presence of the above factors, the pathogen starts to multiply, weakening and destroying the nail, starting from his side and leaving in the direction and in depth.

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For the treatment of onychomycosis used a variety of techniques: use of drugs General and systemic action, folk remedies, physiotherapy, surgical intervention in the form of removal of the nail plate and the treatment of opportunistic diseases.

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