How to quit Smoking

Reasons area there are so many and smokers often people wonder how to start to quit Smoking? This question interested in people who already decided to quit the habit. They are interested in not only how to quit Smoking on their own, but also how to do it correctly so as not to harm the health.

A bit strange to hear that quitting Smoking can harm your health, but some experts say that cutting quitting Smoking can damage your health. The thing is, the body is used to get a certain dose of nicotine, and with the sharp of his lack of able to give a certain failures.

However, many experts and psychologists say that on the contrary it is better to give up cigarettes dramatically and not to engage in self-deception, reducing the number of cigarettes, because this method may not result in getting rid of this habit.

So let's not give recommendations about how best to quit Smoking abruptly or gradually, and let's talk about a few recommendations on how to improve health in the rejection of cigarettes.

The body, deprived of nicotine, begins to gradually recover and this can lead to increased appetite. And even if it enters the body, nicotine breaks down the glycogen contained in the liver, by increasing the amount of glucose in the blood. If the glucose level is reduced, there is a feeling of hunger. Each cigarette you smoke leads to waste 10-20 kcal. When a person quits Smoking cigarettes eliminates the need for the consumption of this energy, and it will accumulate fatty deposits.

Therefore, at the time of refusal of cigarettes special attention should be paid to the diet. Food should be taken often and in small portions. To overcome hunger will help the candy without sugar and vegetable extracts.

If you are not yet engaged in any sport, it's time to start. This will help you to escape from the constant thoughts about the cigarette. Moreover, sport is one of the motivations not to smoke, because without cigarettes, you will feel more energy, and consequently to achieve in your sport the best results. Yes and in addition, the sport will have a charitable effect on the entire body and will make your figure more toned.

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Summing up, I want to say that having made the decision to quit Smoking is not worth much to think about something related to this process difficulties, because in the end you will bring huge benefits to your body.

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