How to quit Smoking by yourself

The person who smokes, but already thinking about how to quit Smoking already makes this first step.

Smoking is a psychological addiction. And so you should work on yourself, your consciousness and views on the importance of this habit to your life.

The most difficult moments is to overcome itself, to hand again reached for another cigarette at a party or holiday, when friends can offer you a cigarette. Earlier in the Smoking room, you can discuss the latest news, issues, just gossip, and suddenly find themselves deprived of such opportunities.

It would be wrong to think that we can limit ourselves to a few cigarettes a day, because in times of stress or when alcohol is very easy to get off and back on track. So you should understand that you either always a smoker, or never. Other options simply do not exist.

For many cigarette is a way to overcome a pause in the conversation, spending time in the waiting period of the bus, adding self confidence in different situations. It is the absence of cigarettes in different moments of life more than frighten those who want to quit Smoking.

Therefore, to overcome the psychological habits and quickly quit Smoking should:

1. do not think that it would be too difficult;

2. do not assign a day of the week or the date when it will happen, and to do right now;

3. to understand that by doing this, life can change and consider what you can do in that moment, when you usually smoke;

4. you can start with reducing the number of cigarettes, one per week;

5. no need to justify and feel sorry for yourself - it's just an attempt to return to this habit;

6. you should feel the sense of self-esteem for making the right decision;

7. if alcohol contributes to the desire to smoke, it is necessary to abstain;

8. you should not repeat the opinion that if you quit Smoking, you can get better, it doesn't happen to everyone, and to lose weight easier, than to overcome the craving for nicotine;

9. it is recommended to occupy yourself with something interesting, find his hobby, passion. This will help to occupy their free time and to cheer up.

10. sports activities, or at least charging and Jogging will be able to add endorphins in the blood. As we know, is the hormone of joy, and useful, healthy exercise can completely displace the thought of a cigarette;

11. after a month, you can evaluate the results - just look in the mirror and see a younger-looking and bright person, to understand that shortness of breath and coughing that haunted you already do not cause problems. You become a different person.

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