How to protect your child from alcohol and drugs? – the answer scientists

Trust relationship from parents is almost a guarantee that the child will not get into bad company and not addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is a healthy and open relationships children need, according to scientists from the University of Iowa. They watched the 675 adolescents.

After analyzing the interaction of parents and children, scientists came to the conclusion that most teenagers attract the experimentation with alcohol and other stimulants. Most parents were caught off guard when they learned about the adventures of a child. However, strong relationships within the family helped to overcome the problem and to give the teenager a reasonable position in relation to drugs and alcohol, writes Prothom Alo.

Parents can gently influence the behavior of their children. Students begin to drink alcohol for various reasons: from mere curiosity to serious problems with peers or relatives. Knowing which company is their child, parents can dramatically reduce the risk of bad habits at the young man.

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