How to properly care for your mouth, teeth and gums?

Basic care for your mouth, which knows from childhood everyone to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and visit the dentist every six months. Undoubtedly, the implementation of these rules will help your teeth and gums stay healthy. However, there are still some rules, nesoblyudenie which can cause serious problemam and treatment of teeth. Below is a list of the most important of them.

1. Sweet very harmful to the oral cavity. Many people sometimes forget how detrimental sugar can affect dental health. And in our time sugar is found in almost all foods: sweets and bakery products, fruits and even fruit juices. To make your teeth stronger and resisted the effects of sugar, you need to consume foods that contain lots of calcium - this component there are great numbers in dairy products.

2. What about brushing your teeth in the morning: do this after Breakfast, to clear the mouth from food residues. And if you have the opportunity, brush your teeth after every meal. In the evening you should perform this procedure right before you go to sleep.

3. Few people know, but there are several ways to clean teeth. In order to thoroughly clean the teeth of plaque, you need to perform various movements with a toothbrush. It is recommended to choose an electric brush - it will do all the necessary manipulations and easy to get to hard to reach places.

4. You should separate those two minutes that you spend brushing your teeth, four segments of the oral cavity. Thus, each of them will get about thirty seconds. Many electric toothbrushes have a timer that tells you when you need to move to the next quadrant.

5. Very few people remember that the language you also need to devote time for hygiene. Very vain, because its surface serves as a refuge for the incredible quantity of bacteria. So what language it is recommended to clean as well as teeth with a toothbrush or a special scraper, which can be purchased in any store.

6. Do not forget that any toothbrush should be changed, preferably every three months. The modern electric brushes have special bristles with an indicator that will remind them that their time to change.

Performing all the above rules every day, you will strengthen the health of your teeth and mouth.

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