How to properly care for your lenses and wear them

Contact lenses today is widespread. People were tired of walking, wearing glasses, and they switched to lenses. Them as glasses, easy to change, and other people will not even notice that you have a bad eyesight.

Not all people understand that eyeglasses, you do not solve all problems. New problems, but not serious enough to stop you from wearing contact lenses.

One of the problematic factors is watering of the eyes. Lenses are often practically not leak air. This is evident when the person is in the lenses cut onions. He simply will not feel his own eyes this sudden itchy eyes, but it's worth it to remove the lens, and given the weak eye, he will understand all the "charm" of the itching. Many people refuse to wear contact lenses because of their inconvenience. If you have a week you get used to the lenses, you will wear them hard.

Ways to moisturize the eyes of some special eye drops. To find you can get them in pharmacies. Consult your eye doctor or pharmacist, and it will help you make the right choice. There is one more important factor is a good solution for the lens. It allows you to store the lens in a special container that allows you to moisten the lens and subsequently the eye itself. Of course, don't forget to "air" their eyes (to remove lenses and give rest to your eyes). It also helps to moisturize and relax the eyes. Moisturizing is the compressor on the eyes, moistened with warm water or tea.

The most simple tips when wearing lenses, this container is replaced by a new one, every three months. The lens has its own term wear, increasing you can damage the eyes. But here there is a feature that is always worth considering, but not all use it. On average, lenses can be worn for 1 month, then you need to change it to a new. If the eyes do not get tired in the lenses after a month-long socks, wearing can be extended. But until then, until you notice eye strain.

Unfortunately, not all lenses do efficiently. And put on another pair of lenses, you may feel uncomfortable, what should never be, unless you are wearing the lenses for the first time in my life. Here the only way out is to buy new lenses, and choose not the cheapest.

Lens thickness are different. And the thinner they are, the less they feel. And feel of the lens man begins when his eyes are tired. Remove the lenses and rest your eyes.

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Summing up, I must say that using lenses, you must comply with basic security measures. They will allow you to get comfortable of wearing lenses for your eyes.

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