How to prevent ingrown nail

Removing the shoes, you are horrified to discover that finger, all the while not giving you peace of mind, swollen and reddened. What to do? How to help the sufferer? You've probably guessed that we will focus on the ingrown nail.

As a rule, the disease involving large toes. However, if the shape of the nail plate convex, ingrown nails can appear on all other fingers.

First of all, to prevent ingrowth, it is necessary to pay attention to the shoes. Excessively tight shoes, and even more have sharp noses pressed the nail plate, thereby causing the nail very close to the soft tissues.

Improper care can cause ingrown nail. Toenails, it is recommended to cut accurately in a straight line, not too shortening and no rounded corners. At the cut must be on a level with the tip of the finger. Thus, the nail will protect your finger from the pressure, and the corners will not hurt the skin on the sides of the skin.

Before you cut their nails need to steam, so they were not too hard. If you are still too short cut plate, podrobnaya sew the corners and watch for nail until then, until it grows to the desired length.

One of the common causes of ingrown nail - injury. For example, if you dropped it on your foot something heavy, or simply hit, the affected nail may begin to grow abnormally and to give you trouble for a long time.

If you notice the first signs of ingrown nail, it is best to consult a doctor, which, in turn, will prescribe you an ointment helps relieve pain and inflammation. There are special corrective appliances that are required to ensure that the nail was growing properly and not become ingrown.

How to treat their own

Leg kindly requested to steam in a solution of potassium permanganate. Further, the finger in two layers to wrap the leaves of plantain and tie them with a bandage. The bandage should be changed every day.

Aloe is able to make the nail plate is softer and prevent ingrowth. To do this, take a leaf of aloe and mash it, to the resulting slurry dobavit-20 drops of water. In the mixture dip a cotton swab and apply to the problem nail, wrap a piece of polythene over the top. If such a compress to do at night then in the morning it will be possible to safely bend the edge of the nail.

And yet ingrown nail is a serious problem, and if improvement does not occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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