How to prevent and interrupt beremennosti

In our time, an unwanted pregnancy is very common. Pregnancy and the birth of a baby is undoubtedly wonderful. But there are cases when a child does not fit into the rhythm of your own life parents. Unwanted pregnancy occurs due to negligence, "not triggered" contraception for other reasons.

Every woman has a desire to become a mother, but more often we encounter situations when the pregnancy is unwanted, this happens:

- when the birth and contain a healthy child, a woman does not allow age

when relatives and against a woman financially dependent

- if the pregnancy is the result of violence

- when the future Pope against

- if the woman has no idea how protecting

These are the most common causes of unwanted pregnancies, but a lot of them and they are different.

How to prevent pregnancy.

Often young girls know only by hearsay about the ways of preventing and don't understand how to use them that is harmful to health.

A condom is a proven and frequently used tool from unwanted pregnancy, so-called barrier method of protection. When a woman has more than one partner, condom protects it from various diseases transferred sexual by.

Women who are married, use IUDs and hormonal contraceptives that prevent pregnancy. Currently, hormonal contraceptives are an excellent means of protection from pregnancy , but it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

How to terminate a pregnancy.

Abortion is the only way to stop pregnancy, but it adversely affects health, especially if not the first. Often a woman after an abortion can't have children.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can make mini-abortion, instrumental and medical abortion cost are different, as well as the principle of action. Each of them has its own timing constraints existing pregnancy, and their indications and contraindications, is carried out only by an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist at the hospital. In cases where the abortion is performed by a layman or woman, it is called criminal abortion, it is a criminal offence.

Unwanted pregnancy can be interrupted at a later time, but for medical reasons, if a woman has severe disease.

If you decide to leave an unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnancy in this case will affect the mother and the child. The fact that unwanted pregnancy is accompanied by stress and emotional distress, turning into chronic. Stress causes the activation of the whole body: the blood pressure increases, breathing becomes more frequent, palpitations, etc., This state of women in the position will necessarily affect pregnancy.

Has the baby because spastic blood vessels do not deliver the required amount of nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the experiences of women are transferred to the child, all these factors affect the formation of the fetus.

What is the way out of this situation?

The correct solution is to find effective ways to prevent pregnancy. If a pregnancy has occurred, it is not necessary to delay the decision. If you have the opportunity, it is better to leave the child, so it is better for mental and physical health of women.

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