How to preserve the youthfulness of your face for a long time

You may have noticed that the young woman may seem and with obvious wrinkles under the eyes. Face, as if illuminated from the inside, expresses a positive attitude and it seems from this young. But, true, you may notice that sometimes the opposite situation, when "pressed" and "white-washed" leather, exhausted numerous treatments and sessions, beauty, wrinkles seem to be no-shows, but age is still visible. Next, provide an efficient and simple beauty recipes that will help to preserve youthfulness of skin.

- Learn how to feel young. If you will consider themselves "aunt", even at the age of 17 will look like "aunt", with all sorts of lotions and treatments will not bring much effect.

The skin requires regular quality care and not emergency measures to be applied from case to case. Not even worth thinking phrases like "today we need to be beautiful" or "tomorrow I'll be on high". Beautiful must always be, regardless of time and mood.

P.S. Meant groomed glowing skin, and not a ton of theatrical make-up, deliciously flavored false eyelashes and splashes of silicone and Botox.

- Need to sleep. The female body needs more time to sleep than men. Need to sleep so much that during the night your body has time to rest and recover. That is, in our frantic pace of life is necessary still or go to bed early or get up later than usual. It is a chronic nedosypa make the skin gray, bearing traces of fatigue.

- It is fair to call the famous adage "we are what we eat". From balance of power also depends on the youthfulness of the skin. I would like to start with water. You need to constantly restore moisture balance. If every day to drink two to two and a half liters of water, the toxins will come out naturally, when this skin condition will improve markedly.

Best friends skin, without exaggeration, can be called fruits and vegetables. In the diet also should include vegetable oils: olive, corn, avocado oil. They are for the skin as a kind of digestible cocktail of vitamins. Of course, the diet should not consist of a single herb. Most importantly, do not need to overeat. Gluttony tired of the human body, with suffering and skin.

You need to keep in tone the entire body, and not of its individual parts. Regular classes in the fitness centre will charge the body with energy and will lead all of its systems in tone.

Love yourself and your body! Believe me, it will respond in kind and will retain its beauty for years to come.

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