How to prepare the house before the advent of the baby

Many expectant mothers, at that time, all your family is already in anticipation of long-awaited day X, consider the possibility of creating in the apartment conditions that would be absolutely safe and comfortable for baby. Of course, the red carpet and the orchestra of the infant are unlikely to appreciate, however, some everyday moments of attention, nevertheless, you should pay.

When the child is very important that the house was clean. Humidity should be no more than 60% and the temperature to 18-20 C. Spouse, while mom and baby are in the hospital, should take care to conduct a General cleaning. Such employment will allow the man to escape from unwanted emotions.

The room, which will contain the baby, must be perfectly clean. It is necessary to remove all dust and pathogens allergies: soft toys, old pillows, wall carpets, etc. are useless, but very harmful to a small child elements. Strictly prohibited the presence of animals in the room. Carpeted floor covering, you can leave, but in this case you will need dry cleaning of carpets. It is advisable to choose only proven cleaning, employ qualitative harmless cleaners.

You should carefully review their hygiene. In our time, in specialty stores, you can find good cleaners and detergents that are safe for all family members.

Of course, in the early days, the child may sleep with his mother, but must be arranged in the room of his personal bed. You will also need to put in place the locker in which to store baby clothes, changing table, comfortable chair, sitting in which the mother will be comfortable to feed the baby.

Need to be concerned about creating a stock of powder and diapers, because the baby will often eat, and, therefore, often go to the toilet. Also, you must have at least ten of the diaper. If the mother, for whatever reason, cannot breast-feed, you need to get a supply of bottles for feeding and special blends, storage conditions which should be treated very carefully. Of course, the child will need something to wear. Hats, nappies and other items of clothing required.

In the Arsenal of a young mother must be a good iron, because all the baby clothes and diapers after washing must be ironed. Also worth to buy a tub for bathing and special children's hygiene products. If a baby is born in winter, then you need to take care of maintaining an optimal level of humidity in the room where he resides. For this it is advisable to purchase a quality air humidifier.

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