How to prepare for exams? – experts answer

Do not try to memorize the material in considerable stress for a few hours before the exam. According to scientists from the University of Tepsa and the University of Massachusetts. At the final stage of preparation it is better to undertake the test tasks. The correct answers to the questions help to remember some of the nuances and overall to pass the exam better.

In total, the experiment involved 120 students. The volunteers were asked in a short period of time to write the notes and remember the set of 30 words and pictures. Before a mock exam the students were divided into two groups: some were driven into a state of stress, the other left alone to solve test tasks, related to the topic of the interview. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Students from the first group worse coped with the exam, the researchers note. Stess strongly influenced the process of memorizing information. That's why researchers recommend immediately before the exam do not try to memorize new information and to refresh your mind those things that were already learned.

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